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When properly identified and adequately harnessed, the Power of Passion can propel you through all of of your obstacles, failures, set backs, even your own limitations and bring you the success you desire!

Nothing is more fulfilling or more rewarding than living each day in way that aligns with your authentic passion.

Attendees will learn how to identify their own true passions, and will learn how they can start immediately to live in accordance with their passions.  They will learn how they can easily apply these lessons to their current daily activities to improve the quality of today’s life, while simultaneously building a future that will be based on a new foundation that will allow them to tap into their inner greatness.


The reliable achievement of specific goals is among the most rewarding, most exciting and most confounding pursuits that a person can engage in.   As soon as you begin to set a goal, powerful forces leap into action to STOP you from achieving them.

Procrastination, disorganization, indecision, fear, uncertainty and doubt… all lay in wait to stop a person from achieving, even setting, clear goals.

Through keynotes, workshops or both, attendees learn the precise, repeatable skills originally laid out in The Achievement Protocol, to achieve important goals and accomplish the things that matter most.


The one thing that every successful person is familiar with is adversity.  Even those that seem to be ‘overnight successes’ have had to overcome tremendous adversity.  People that suddenly become famous have actually spent years preparing and doing work that allowed them to build on smaller successes.

No matter how difficult the adversity or many times you get knocked down, as long as you get back up and continue pressing forward, you are building a history of smaller successes that will lead to your ultimate success.


Although some of us are genuinely self-motivated and need no help in pushing upward and forward on to the next level of success, most of us require regular motivational recharges that help us keep what’s important to us, in front of us.

Motivate your team and supercharge them for the highest levels of performance by applying the simple tools that Dennis teaches.

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