Great Things Happen When
Ordinary People Take Extraordinary Action

Real World

The students won’t be bored by untested theories or bombarded with trite aphorisms.

Dennis provides original content built on his own real world experience.

“The ENTERTAINMENT makes it that much more meaningful…”


“The one thing I noticed was that the audience was WITH him… very attentive.”

“He encourages us to take home the lessons that he’s learned in his own life, and I find that very helpful to me.”


Dennis relates to students in personal way that few others can. Growing up in a large family in a rural community, he suffered from petit mal epilepsy during most of his school years.

Since he was different, he was singled out throughout his early years and targeted by bullies.  Teachers often didn’t understand his condition and labeled him as having severe learning disabilities.

He performed poorly in school and began drinking alcohol and abusing drugs before he turned 14.

The story of how he turned his life completely around in a matter of months is an inspiring story that gives hope to everyone.  Nearly four decades of remarkable success in business and technology, in family as father and husband, and in school, learning several languages and eventually earning B.S. and M.S. degrees in Information Technology and Network Security demonstrates that overwhelming success is possible for even the most unlikely of  people.

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